Walking My Path

I am not. I am not walking my path. I have given up again. Given in to this voice inside my head who tells me suicide is the answer. Why have I given up? Why have I given in? What makes me believe I am less worthy than everyone else in this world? Why the fuck can’t I get it right? I see my naturopath next week. I don’t know that there is anything left she can do for me, but unless I am willing to put myself out in the world there isn’t much left anyone can do for me. I wish I could run away again. I am going to be nice to myself for this next week and a half. If I don’t make it to the gym I won’t beat myself up. If I sleep in and be lazy I won’t tell myself how worthless I am. I will keep searching and keep looking for something…

One thought on “Walking My Path

  1. There are times we fall down only to learn that we are humbled again and have to learn to get back up and start anew…


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