Suicide Sanctuary

I’ve been tired lately. Extremely tired. I read about the Parkland shooting survivors who completed suicide and it broke my heart. If I had the funds I would create a sanctuary for persons with suicidal ideation. Not for people like me who are almost always thinking about it, contemplating it, planning it. For people who are at the precipice. for people where it is imminent. A sanctuary where they can just come and sit, away from the world, with comfy beds and warm bubble baths. Where the thought is still there. The urge isn’t going away, but it is keeping someone on this earth one more day. I picture rocking chairs and warm blankets, window seats with overstuffed pillows you can sink into, and books about nothing significant. Books you can lose yourself in, if only for a moment. We would meditate and walk the grounds, nature trails for leisurely strolling. Peace for just a f*cking moment! Not making the thoughts go away, but accepting that they are there and holding on.

Oh how I wish we had this in our society. Not just for the wealthy!


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