Daily Musings

I do a lot of my daily writing on paper that no one will ever see. Which is probably for the best as they are just mainly incoherent ramblings attempting to persuade myself to get my butt moving and not be crazy. But today I don’t feel like writing on paper. I’m actually a bit tired of writing on paper and I have no other file or folder on my laptop where I like to write so today it is here…

I’m having a bit of a glitch this morning. Don’t know that I feel up to taking on the world even though I want to. I don’t want to spend another day sitting in my home alone waiting for the kids to get out of school, then feeding them, then sitting alone some more while they sit in their rooms being teenagers. My son and I are going to start working out at the Y today. Which should be enough of an incentive to get me moving, but yet here I still sit. My anxiety has grown again over the last few days. I still want to scream. Ok. I’m going. Out of here within the hour, getting all the things on my list taken care of. I’m going to be somebody today just because.



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