Still Moving Forward

I am not going to get a protection order against my ex. I don’t even think I will go to the no-contact order hearing. I am trusting the universe to let things be the way they are meant to. Is that a copout? If I can make it work, after school is out I will head up to Whistler for a couple of weeks and hopefully figure a few things out.

I want to move away, but I also want to give my boys a couple more years here. Maybe getting out of the house will help. I know the boys don’t feel the same about the house as I do, but I can’t maintain it and something smaller with a small fenced yard would be perfect. I still continue to go back and forth, sacrifice for them or move away and give them the choice to go with me or stay.

I will continue to work on living without fear and trusting myself and the universe. My spirit guides are with me. I am not lost!

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