Narcissistic, Manipulative, Abusive, F*cking B*itch

Perhaps I am. I am after all writing a blog solely centered on myself and my journey. I’m not very good at making breakfast for my kids (it’s always been a struggle). I did forget to buy birdseed before I left for Peru. And there is that whole thing about me calling the police on my SO (from here on out to be referred to as my ex). If those don’t qualify hopefully at some point someone can give me examples as to how exactly I am a narcissistic, manipulative, abusive, fucking bitch.

The night I called the cops I asked my ex to leave me alone. I told him to go buy his own ice cream (he was pissed because one of the kids ate it and he “didn’t even get a chance to taste it”). I had been asking him to leave me alone since earlier that day. I had been asking him to leave me alone since I came home from Peru, since before I left for Peru. I had said we could live in the house and raise the kids together multiple times, just let me be and i’ll let you be and everyone can be happy. But it was never about the kids. It was about control and his own unhappiness. The kids blame me and that is fine. I wonder if they realize had they called him a fucking bitch he would easily have nothing to do with them for the rest of their lives. But I digress (as I always do). This blog isn’t about him. I hope he finds his happiness. I hope he addresses his addiction, gets treatment, and has a good life from here on out. I am done chronicling what I went through with him and why it’s wrong. I am so far from perfect, but I do deserve to find my happiness and be treated respectfully and like an equal by everyone in my life.


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