More sheep talk and the dentist

Helping my girlfriend wrangle up her sheep and get them moved to a new home was fun and invigorating. I hope I come back from Peru with renewed energy, confidence, and determination. About an hour after we had the sheep loaded up we went to the home of the woman who now owned the sheep. She owns a piece of land directly off the main road into town. She is a single mother with 3 kids, a teenage boy, a middle school age daughter, and a little one about 3 years of age. When we arrived at her place the sheep were still in the trailer and she was in the house caring for her kids. She came outside and we offered to help her unload the sheep. Her house was large, but had trash strewn around most of the yard. The farm animals were in the back, goats, chickens, and ducks, with a cow and pigs in a small barn. She was thankful for our help. A very nice young woman who has obviously over extended herself. My heart went out to her and I was sad. I thought if we as a society had a strong sense of community no single mothers would be living alone. No one would be without a family. There is something largely wrong with what we are.

That was yesterday. Today I saw the dentist. We got to discussing my trip. He has never heard of Ayahuasca. He has struggled with depression and anxiety over the years. He described to me the fear he had when he experienced his first panic attack. He asked me to fill him in on my experience upon my return. He wants a cure. Like so many people now he doesn’t want to depend on western medicine and the side effects of antidepressants. He spoke of someone he knew, a family member I think, who is a doctor, who is of the belief that our modern society and the lifestyle we live because of it, so separate from nature, is the cause of the commonness of depression and anxiety.

People really are beginning to wake up. I have isolated myself so much and talk to so few people on a regular basis. I am so quick to doubt myself and believe my way of thinking of crazy, but every time I speak with someone outside my circle about my trip they are amazed and wishing they could do the same. Perhaps when I get back I will find a way to help others.

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