Posts I started, but nothing more

The Illnesses That Plague Humanity


The illnesses that might plague humanity are a way to cure the earth of the plague that is humanity. We do not deserve this amazing earth. We do not deserve the animals, the insects, the beautiful birds. We are cruel destroyers. We are violent and uncaring. For all who try to fix the world there are more who seek to sabotage or who do not care.


Dream, Believe, Hope


I hold none of these for myself. For my children I hold all three. I hold on for them. They are amazing. I know my parents felt that way about me once upon a time.


Nutrition -vs- Loneliness


You can eat the healthiest diet on the planet, but if you don’t address your loneliness you aren’t going to get healthy.


Shamanic Healing and Capitalism


Seems like a bunch of bullshit to me. If you are poor you cannot get quality western medical care. You also cannot get eastern medicine care. How does someone who studies Shamanism charge thousands of dollars for their services?


Just Blah


Doing bad today. I need to figure this shit out now bad. Almost hopeless. I see my naturopath on Tuesday and going to schedule with my therapist this week.

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