Is it me or do people suck?

Someone posted the pic below on Facebook this morning. I wonder if it was directed at me due to my mother helping me out too much over the years. Does she think I want to be the way I am? There is a difference between support and enabling. If you have an addict who isn’t attempting to better their life, to change, and to fight their addiction and you continue to help them thinking you can save them you are enabling. If you have someone in your life with a chronic illness and mental health condition who continues to try new medications, see their therapist, try alternative medications,who is fighting to not lean towards suicide and you are helping them find their way, you are not enabling. You are supporting. People are so quick to judge and throw it on Social media.

Those who think they are open minded are still slaves to the almighty dollar. We are so quick to think those who have it are better than and more deserving than those who don’t. Quick to think those who have it earned it and earned the right to look down on others. The white woman who got a good paying office job because she interviewed with other white women who felt a connection with her in their Sam ness. She married a white man who had a business passed down from his father and his fathers father. They were set for life. They traveled and put their kids through college. Our society assumes this couple is more deserving than someone who works a farm. Who is paid less than a living wage. Who works longer hours doing hard labor, but can’t even dream of paying for their child’s college or owning a house. They are just tryin to get through one day at a time. Trying to keep their head above water.

Our society is garbage. Our monetary system is garbage. Stop judging. Stop condemning.

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