3 weeks, coffee, and the American dream

I’m not sure if it is my Adrenalin or the coffee, but my energy is through the roof. I cannot believe in exactly 3 weeks I will be on my way to Peru! I am terrified and excited.

I have a wonderful friend. Sometimes it seems like he is me in a male body. We never seem to run out of things to talk about. We had coffee today. For many years he has had the dream of living out of a van and traveling the country once his kids are grown. When and if I return from Peru I think I may steal his idea. When he talked about it this time I felt it deep inside. My SO and I are so different. He loves stuff and accumulates it almost like a hoarder. We have 5 large tv’s in use around the house and 2 smaller tv’s we don’t even use. I didn’t buy a single one of them. I want to have an estate sale and sell just about everything. All the stuff I have is weighing me down. I want to be free! I am devising a plan to be me fully and completely!

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