I woke up feeling like hell again this morning. Sometimes I think my body is fighting itself because there is no reason for all of this pain. I scheduled a dentist appt tomorrow morning and am waiting to hear back in my MRI. When I see my doctor next week I will see if she knows of anyone who accepts my insurance for acupuncture and if there is a chiropractor or massage therapist out there who will help me. It makes no sense all the hours he works that he can’t pay the bills or have money for extra things. It is sad. He is going to lose his family because we cannot live this way and I need to do what I need to do to take care of our family. I hope he can care for our son the months I am on my journey.

I will sell the house. I will sell all my worldly belongings (at least the majority of this crap I have) then I am going to Peru and then to Thailand. Then if I am still poor and unhappy I will say goodbye to this world.