Nutrient Density

This morning it’s a kale, spinach, avocado, apple, celery, lemon, cucumber, and mint smoothie (1/2 cup of water makes it blend perfectly) along with a small sweet potato topped with cinnamon and Jamaican allspice.

I was so fatigued yesterday I decided a full on juice cleanse probably isn’t best for me. With the EBV wrecking havoc on my body and barely having the energy to walk upstairs I adapted my plan and am now going full nutrient dense Whole Foods. Which also includes my morning shot of tumeric, ginger, honey and lemon.

I am sad today. I want to feel better now. I am tired of feeling sick. I try to remind myself a sick dying plant does not recover in one day. It takes love, nurturing, and sustenance. Please let me body heal!

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