Tonight he said he wanted to punch me. That was after he called me a fucking bitch. He said I wasn’t appreciative enough of the things he does for me. He then complained about my two older boys. He said they should help him without being asked, but not in such a nice way. He complained about them yesterday also. I am tired of him. I am tired of being called a bitch and not being able to relax and be happy in my own home. I want him to leave and never come back. I found out he hadn’t paid the full mortgage for October either. He had been lying to me saying he had. I think he may also be a drug dealer. I’m positive he is still gambling. Moderately certain he is a compulsive liar as well and has been boring money from various people. Why did I lie to myself and try to make it work again? Did I forget the times he tried to choke me? When he pulled my hair? Broke my tablet? Broke my door? Why am I so stupid??? He lies about money left and right, he is completely irresponsible, he lies about where he is and what he is doing, he complains about your boys! Your amazing intelligent boys! He is an idiot. He is superficial and we can’t even have a conversation about the meaning of life! He can’t have an argument without bringing up the past and calling you names! He blames you for his inability to fulfill you sexually. He doesn’t like your dogs! He can’t even pay for Cristian’s oral surgery or braces! Get rid of him! Take your power back!

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