Suicide is Not Loud

Suicide is not loud.It does not scream look at me! Here I am! 


Suicide is quiet

It tiptoes around the world

It finds those in despair

And says, “Come with me child, I will make it all okay.”

And we listen

We listen because the pain has become unbearable and there is no where left to run

We listen because suicide is quiet and gentle, with promises of peace.

And that is what we need

Our minds are loud, so very loud, going round and round, screaming, berating, abusing, never stopping

suicide caresses us with its promises 

Our minds believe 

You shouldn’t be alive. 

worthless. Useless. burden. 

Ugly. Stupid. failure.

Louder and louder and louder

Cruel. Torturous. Abuse.

We listen. 

It will never stop

We know

Suicide will save us

Make it all go away

Suicide is peace. 

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